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If you know you have an issue with online counterfeits our powerful search technology can help.

To get a feel for the extent and detail of the data we can provide - download this free copy of a  previous brand counterfeiting report which:

  • identified 6,790 infringements across a range of online marketplaces globally including Amazon, eBay and Alibaba
  • enabled us to work quickly with the client to remove 98.4% of these infringements within the first month based on their existing trademarks and IP
  • now provides the basis for an ongoing strategy specifically designed to detect new infringements which are emerging every day

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SnapDragon’s solution is focused, cost-effective and responsive. The continual monitoring process regularly identifies infringing items and by using our registered IP they are able to take action against the links, helping prevent infringing products being sold.

Graeme Menzies (CFO), AFG Media